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Crickets 1:

the ground-level ensembles,

the Jumping Bush Cricket,

and the trigs



Allard's Ground Cricket, male.

The "Songs at Ground Level" introductory page that follows will summarize the field and ground cricket species covered in subsequent pages of the field guide. I've also included the Northern Mole Cricket there because they actually spend much of their lives below the ground.

If you're looking for an overview of these crickets, the introductory page is the place to start.


If you'd like to know more about individual species, there will be a separate page for each of them. Where helpful, I've included song comparisons with other species that sound similar.

The Jumping Bush cricket is in a category by itself, and the trigs (or "sword-tailed crickets" have individual pages. There are only three trig species, but you will indeed encounter them in the field.

Tree crickets will have their own section, so look for them in Crickets 2

Handsome Trig, singing male
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