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Katydids 1:
Meadow Katydids
Conehead Katydids and
Shieldback Katydids


This section of the guide includes two genera of meadow katydids: Conocephalus and Orchelimum.

Slender Meadow Katydid
Gladiator Meadow Katydid

Conehead Katydids - simply referred to as "Coneheads" - are next.

All our NE Ohio Coneheads are in the genus Neoconocephalus,

and, yes, all their heads have little cones at the ends.

Sword-bearing Conehead

Shieldback katydids, which often look like little armor-clad warriors,  and the non-singing Drumming Katydid complete this section.

Protean Shieldback
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