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Crickets 2: the tree crickets
Narrow-winged Tree Cricket singing

This section looks at - and listens to - all nine species of tree crickets you're likely to encounter in NE Ohio.

The tree cricket introduction page is an excellent place to start. You can compare similar songs here. I have species lists by habitat, as not all tree crickets are found in every habitat.

When you'd like more specific information about the various species, simply proceed to the species pages. I've started with the ones that are found in woodland and edge habitats. They mature earlier than the meadow-dwelling tree crickets. Also, their songs have more rhythmic variation, which makes it easier to identify them by ear.

The meadow residents typically have long, continuous trills, which makes then the most challenging crickets to learn. However, since they are closer to eye level, you'll often be able to get closer to them.  Find them them takes practice, but your success rate will go up as you practice. And, really, who wouldn't want to spend time - day or night - in a meadow? Probably not those of you reading this field guide!

Forbes's or Black-horned Tree Cricket. You'll learn why in NE Ohio, we can't necessarily know which one it is!
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